Open Space Studio /// Landscape Architecture

We plan open space from the inital design idea to the smallest detail and supervise the project throughout all phases. We focus on creative and characteristic design solutions that are appropriate for the location. We  take a considerate approach to the existing situation, appropriate to the material of construction and questions of durability are important considerations in the planning process . Design, functional and built quality are the key factors in achieving customer and user satisfaction.

Special Services:

Public participation ( informal)

  • Public participation processes with children, youths and/or adults, participation in the preliminary planning, idea and design phase as well as during project implementation. The process aims to bring citizens together to discuss a topic, share ideas and arguments and thus to develop common solutions.
    – Conception, organisation and implementation of the processes in collaboration with various stakeholders.

Teaching (training and further education)

  • Knowledge transfer in the fields of landscape architectural design, construction and building materials, expand the scope of our work . The relationship between form, usage, maintenance, use of material and construction is of central importance.


  • DFG research project (Ongoing)
    “Landscape Architecture and the time factor, construction research on the contextual change of built landscape elements and the development of optimisation strategies” DFG research project.
  • EU research project (Ongoing)
    Project: “European Design Build Knowledge Network” – EDBKN , Official Project of the UNESCO World Decade for Sustainable Education 2013/2014 , research project of the European Union , Erasmus Mundus Programme , Action 3 at the TU- Berlin, Department of Architecture, Chair of Design and International Urban Studies (Habitat Unit) , Prof. Misselwitz .
  • Dissertation (Ongoing)
    “Aging processes on the track. Life of urban open spaces in the tension between permanence and change ” doctorate at the TU- Berlin supervised by Professor Loidl -Reisch .
    The thesis develops a methodology to read aging processes and to identify weak points in order to avoid this in the future and to optimize the durability / sustainability of contemporary landscape architecture.

Design Build Studios

  • “learning by doing”
    Supervision of interdisciplinary teaching and practice projects (e.g. projects in Mexico, Bolivia and Germany). The students take part in real projects from the first draft to the development of design models and detailed plans as well as participating in the project implementation on site. These interdisciplinary teaching and practice projects are carried out in collaboration with locally based partners.
    This involves project management (concept, design, detailed design), workshops, discussions, fundraising, lectures, excursions, on site supervision.