The DesignBuild Knowledge Network

The ‘European DesignBuild Knowledge Network (EDBKN)’ promotes the implementation, distribution, and sustainability of the DesignBuild methodology. The research project was funded by the European Union, 2013 – 2016 and conducted by the Technische Universität Berlin in cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology, Associazione Archintorno, the German University Cairo and the Dalhousie University.

In recent years, DesignBuild-Studios (DBS), a teaching and research model enabling students to take responsibility for developing balanced future living environments, have undertaken architectural projects from design to realisation. They became a new paradigm in architectural education in Europe and all around the world. However, despite the fact that DesignBuild-Studios show an exemplary way to combine the synergistic potentials of teaching, research, practice, and development cooperation, they remain a young and changing field that is far from being exhausted. The innovative EDBKN Network will stimulate the sustainable, practise related, international and interdisciplinary knowledge-transfer, foster multinational, interdisciplinary cooperation and promote research related to DesignBuild activities.

The `EDBKN – European DesignBuild Knowledge Network` was funded as an Erasmus Mundus Programme Action 3 from October 2013 to September 2016.

Funded by the European Union


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Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin), Germany
School VI Planning Building Environment
Department of Architecture

Habitat Unit – Chair of Architectural Design and International Urbanism
CoCoon – sector for contextual construction